How to Sell Art Online

How to Sell Art Online

How to Sell Art OnlineHow to Sell Art

25 ways to really sell art online.

Over the years I’ve been selling art online in various different ways, from websites that promote your art, to eBay, to selling on my own blog and website.

In this article I’m going to cover some different ways of selling art online and hopefully give you some good solutions to what you can do to make some money in your career as an artist.

I will discuss things like online sites and eBay as well as marketing to your list of followers and  subscribers and previous buyers. I have also included an in-depth explanation of each method i used through the links at the end of each section. This would contain both my personal experience and learning together with the other online videos i have deemed to be helpful to you in your journey to be a successful online selling artist.


1. How to Sell art on eBay

How to Sell Art OnlineFor a long time I sold 4 paintings a week online on eBay, week in and week out and it provided a good source of income for me. At the time I was involved in the daily painting movement where I did a “painting a day” and it was a great avenue to sell those quick little studies that I could do in a couple hours.

For me, these were the secrets to selling on eBay:

  1.  Sell your paintings at auction and start the bidding atSell Art $99.  Don’t start the price at  $10 because you may end up just getting a couple bids and end up selling a nice painting for only $25.  I found that selling them for $99 was good place to start and I was okay with that amount for a painting that only took a couple of hours.
  2. The next secret tip was that I always showed the paintings in a frame and explained that the frame was an additional charge because the painting actually came unframed.  This way it allowed me to up-sell them a frame and it made a better presentation, which didn’t hurt.
  3. Sell ArtAnother positive idea for selling on eBay was always putting 4 paintings on every Sunday (I found it worked best for me to put paintings up on eBay on Sunday evening, for one week, and have the auctions end on the following Sunday evening about 7 p.m.).  Collectors could count on that and would always look for the new paintings, on that schedule, each week which really helped me develop a solid following. Once you have a following this allows for more competitive bidding between my collectors. Each week there was something for them to look at, get excited about and purchase. I  played around a little bit with fixed pricing on eBay but really found that the best results came from auctions starting at $99.  I did this for a long time but eventually I got away from daily painting.  Nonetheless, this was a really good way to sell studies. I hope it’s successful for you too.  This was the way I did it and I am sure there are other people that sell on eBay and do well too… good luck!

It’s important to take note that there are other strategies you could utilize when using eBay to market your art. Among these would be:

  • Checking the listings of the genre of your artwork and comparing its prices with others on the same listing. It would be important to take note of the size of the painting and the quality of artwork.
  • Getting your rating up would definitely increase your selling ratio. Everybody loves a seller who keeps to his word and delivers exactly what’s listed on-site. Customers would eventually give you reviews that would either bring you down or raise you up! Make sure to deliver your part of the deal and the rest would take care of itself!

Here’s a quick guide on how you could set up your account (Buyer or seller you can register the same way):

  1. Go to and on the top left click on “register”.
  2. Type in your details & the verification code presented.
    • You can easily convert personal accounts to business accounts.
  3. Click on the submit button.
    • You can see the eBay user ID given to you (you can edit this as well).
  4. Click “My eBay” on the upper right hand corner to access your “Dashboard”.
  5. Linking your PayPal account and eBay account is as simple as clicking the “sell” button on the upper left site of the screen just beside “Help & Contact”.


Here’s a quick guide on how to set up a listing:

  1. On your “Dashboard” click on sell.
  2. Type in what your selling.
  3. Check for the category if it’s correct.
  4. Scroll down over where you can see proceed to listings category.
  5. Fill in the details and a short description & add photos.
  6. Choose if its a fixed price or an auction.
  7. Set the price.
  8. Click on the “Add a buy it now option…”.
  9. Pick the listing duration and schedule it.


Here’s how to check if you’ve sold a product you listed:

  1. Head over to your dashboard “My eBay”.
  2. Head over to the left hand corner under “Sell”.
  3. You could see an option that says “Sold”.

Knowing these 3 things (setting up an account, listing your item, checking if its sold) would definitely help you get started with eBay and could be the foundation of your online shop. There are various methods to enhance your listings on eBay and tips on how to further improve your ranking just below this section. If you’d want to learn more in-depth about eBay this is where you’d want to start!

To learn more about selling on eBay click HERE!

Password: monet

eBay video #1:

eBay video #2:

eBay video #3

eBay video #4

eBay video #5

eBay video #6

2. Online Art Galleries

Sell Art Online

The days wherein newspapers and television sets reigned the marketing world has nearly come to a halt. Technology has reshaped how products are presented and how sales are made.

There are numerous online galleries that you can  join and become a selling member. I was a member of an online Gallery called  It was a really good experience for me and I sold a lot of paintings on their website. Again, it was when I was working on daily painting and that was primarily what this site was dedicated to. There were also a lot of Art other than daily paintings and it seemed to be a good venue for selling those types of works as well.

Here are some of the reasons why i think online galleries can be of benefit to you:

  • People nowadays are accustomed in buying things online due to the fact that they’ve grown up with the Internet.
  • This can be less intimidating than setting foot in a physical gallery where gallery owners and other artists would tend to approach you and start a conversation.
  • It’s cost efficient because buyers won’t need to travel a significant distance for them to only bring it back where they came from.
  • Online buyers can already segregate what they want from what they don’t thus making it easier for them and easier for the sellers to find a match.
  • Galleries post their shows online in which a lot of art collectors and enthusiasts view. These people love to get their hands on the best ones before they’re even shown in public thereby  they end up browsing everything the gallery throws at them. You could not only expect them to view your works but also the possibility of them becoming one of your avid customers.

Here’s how you sign up on

  1. Click on “register” on the middle upper portion of the screen.
  2. Fill in the necessary details on the spaces provided & the security question.
  3. Confirm your email address in your mailbox.
  4. Click the link in the email they sent you.
  5. Click on “Join Us” in the middle upper portion of the screen.
  6. Read the details presented on the screen & click “Join Us” afterwards.
  7. You would be charged $12.95 / month after signing up.
  8. Congratulations! You can now log in your account and start posting your works on their site!

NOTE: You’d need to have a FREE PayPal business account that has express checkout enabled to receive payment for your paintings. If you don’t have this you could learn how to do it in the link provided for below:

To learn more about using and creating a FREE PayPal business account click HERE!

Here’s how you sign up on

  1. Click on “My Account” on the upper right hand corner of the screen or “login” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on “Create An Account”.
  3. Fill in the necessary  details with a 6 – 8 character password.

To submit or include works in their directory  you’d need a link to them from your website. There are (2) links which are called “featured links” which lands you on the 1st page of their link pages and “standard links” where your works would be below the featured links. It is important to take note that “featured links” would require you to create a daily painting widget on your site. Creating the link is easy and they would guide and provide the details for it.

Click on Press Room  on the bottom of the page

  1. Click on “Site Map”.
  2. Head down to “Art Links” & click on submit a link.
  3. Fill in the necessary details.
  4. Click on the “Submit My Link” once done!

Other examples of sites like are and some others listed below

To learn more about using click HERE!


3. selling art Online through art stores and are just a couple of websites to sell art.  Cafepress turns your art into other unique products like art on shirts, mugs, books and the likes! This serves as another effective medium to get your art out there. Each item is “made to order” so you wouldn’t be wasting money on unsold merchandise. They have reliable customer service that handles all your transactions. Whileas,Etsy is a well-known artist site with a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis. Their category search is time based so it shows the newest listings first. You’d be charged 20 cents per listing and a 3.5% transaction fee and an additional 20 cents to renew and get seen again on the top pages. However, there is no toll free number listed. 

How to sign up on Etsy: (You have to register as a buyer before you can register as a seller)

  1. Click on “register”.
    • You can use your Facebook account to sign up.
  2. Fill out the necessary details.
    • Usernames help generate traffic as Etsy also has its own SEO (search engine optimization) .
  3. Click on Register.
  4. Confirm your account in your email by clicking on the link.
  5. Log in to your account and click on “Sell”.
  6. Follow the basic steps and your good to go!

To learn more about using Etsy click HERE!

How to sign up on CafePress:

  1. Hover your mouse over to the “person” icon just beside the “shopping cart” on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    • A drop down menu will appear and you can click on “Don’t have an account? Sign up”.
  2. Fill up the necessary details and click on the agreement policy checkbox once done.
    • You can choose to leave the “Sign up to receive emails box” checked or you can opt to remove it.
  3. Click “Join Now”.
  4. The user agreement screen would appear.
    • After reading you can scroll down and click on “I accept”.
  5. You must now complete your profile by adding your designs and some basic information about you as well as your payment details.
    • Click on the “Edit Profile” option on the left hand corner of the screen.
    • Take extra time filling up the payments portion of the profile & have your Social Security # on hand.
  6. Fill in the details and your DONE!

To learn more about using Cafepress click HERE!

4. Get Sponsors and Patrons with Donation sites:

How to Sell Art OnlineDonation sites like and PayPal allow paypalyou to set up a tip jar on their sites where you can receive donations and sponsorship’s for your art.

Here’s how you create your PayPal donation button:

  1. Log in to your  PayPal account.
  2. Convert the PayPal account into a business account.
    • On the left hand side of your personal PayPal account it would say “convert to business account” requires 5 – 10 minutes of your time.
  3. You could then access the donate button creation option afterwards.
  4. Hover your mouse over to “Tools” on the upper portion of the screen then click on “all tools”.
  5. Scroll down the page till you see “PayPal buttons”.
  6. Click on “Create New Button” on the right hand corner of the screen.
  7. Click the “Choose a button type” drop down menu and pick “Donations”.
  8. Fill in the “Organization Name / Service” box (this would be for them to see what or who they’re donating to.
    • The donation ID is optional.
  9. Customize the button using the choices provided.
    • You can also create your own button.
  10. Choose the currency.
  11. Choose the “contribution amount”.
  12. Choose the “Merchant account ID”.
    • It’s safer to use the secure merchant account ID.
  13. Save your button (optional).
  14. Customize your checkout page.
  15. Type in a message for the person donating after checkout.
  16. When asked if you need your customer’s shipping address you could pick “No” as this is for a donation and might just turn them away.
  17. Leave the other 2 check-boxes unchecked as this would only be applicable when your promoting a webpage.
  18. Leave the “Advanced Variables” option.
  19. Click on “create button” afterwards.
  20. You can now see the “donate button” and it’s html code.
  21. You can copy and paste it on the html portion of your sites and your DONE!

To learn more about how to set up your own PayPal Donation Button click HERE! is a nice site where you setpatreon up a profile page and allow people to essentially sponsor you and your Artistic Endeavors.  In turn, it gives you an opportunity to reward them by donating.  One of the nice thing about this is the monthly income it generates  that you can depend on because of the monthly pledges that your patrons provide to support you while you’re trying to create your art.

I believe their donation fee is only around 5% which leaves  you with a bulk of the donations to further your art career.  The site seems both easy to navigate and set up a donation profile.

Here’s how to sign up on Patreon:

  1. Go over to and click on “become a creator”.
  2. Connecting your social media accounts would come next so be sure to have your details prepared.
  3. Choose a campaign type (monthly or per creation) which would determine when you want your patrons to donate.
    • If you choose per creation you’d need to enter what it is your creating exactly.
  4. Upload your profile photo and cover photo.
    • You could have custom images made from people who have graphic design skills.
  5. Fill out the about section and why should they pledge to you.
  6. Upload your intro video.
    • This isn’t required but would definitely help out in converting fans to patrons.
  7. Type in your goals.
  8. Your rewards.
    • This could either be material things or even services you give out to your patrons.
  9. A “thank you” message or video
    • This would be what they see after they submit their pledge to you
  10. Click “Save and Continue”.
  11. Edit your page according to your preferences afterwards.
  12. Once your ready you could click the green button up top that would say “Launch”.
    • You could also create a unique URL to make sharing a lot more faster.

To learn more about how to set up your own Patreon Account click HERE!


5. Create an online presence to sell your art:

How to Sell Art OnlineSet up a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Tumblr blog, Twitter, etc.  All of these are excellent places to show your art  and get recognition.  This will in turn give you the opportunity to sell directly off of one or all of these sites. You can use a shopping cart or even PayPal buttons to sell your paintings.    I’ve done this many times with my blog and it works great.

To learn more about how to set up an online presence click HERE!

Setting up supporting sites for your sales online

You might want to set up a new account with Pinterest and Instagram so that you can promote the images of your paintings.  This will drive traffic back to your selling platforms like Facebook, your website, your blog etc.

Here’s how you can sign up for Pinterest:

  1. Go to
    • Log in using your Facebook account
    • Direct signup option
  2. Enter your email & password then click “Sign Up”
  3. DONE! It’s as simple as that!

How To Get More Followers & Traffic On Pinterest:

Password: cosmos40756



Here’s how you can sign up for Instagram:

  1. Download Instagram on your phone or any handheld device.
  2. You’ll be asked to register using either Facebook or an Email account.
    • It’s advisable to sign up using an email account if your going to use this for business purposes.
  3. Type in your username and password as well as provide a your email address.
  4. Click on “next”.
  5. Enter your name and your phone number.
  6. That’s it! You’re DONE signing up and your now able to post your photos!

To learn more about setting up supporting sites click HERE!

6. Sites To Sell Art

Here are some sites similar to & that you may want to look into when marketing your art online. These sites have a lot to offer you in marketing your art and i have listed the details of each as i browsed through them.

  • Similar to the 2 sites and features original works by artists.
  • Does not focus on paintings alone but also photographs, drawings, collage / prints and even sculptures.
  • Prices range of paintings sold from $400 – $1000 up.
  • Has a section that displays recently sold art with details of the work sold.
  • Good site segregation as it can filter types of work by medium.
  • Site has a search option which makes it easier to filter and locate an artist.

  • Site that sells by prints, originals, photography, mixed media, sculptures, ceramics & jewelry.
  • Price ranges of works sold are from $300 – $1000 + for oil paintings alone.
  • Good search listings as they also have an option that segregates the works of the artists.
  • Search option also included as well as an area for artists.
  • Search also has by region capability.
  • Newest art submitted is seen on the home page of the site.

  • Site to buy and sell art.
  • Newest works show up on home page but there’s also a section for “Sponsored Artworks”.
  • Displays artists who are online ; signed up and gained the ability to send a message.
  • They also sell website creation services as well as other options like magazines, emails, etc..
  • Has a more refined search engine that can even segregate landscapes, still life, portrait etc..
  • Price range is unique as it has its own price range search (this isn’t on the other sites).
  • Sizes of paintings can also be searched which is also unique.
  • Bottom line, this site has a really good search engine capability.

  • From the get go it has, on its home page, featured artist, new artists (who recently signed up), featured works.
  • It has the capability to sell your works, books, even design objects (furniture, towels, games, and even fashion accessories).
  • Has a magazine section which acts like a blog posting page where updates on events are made.
  • Has updated page with gallery listings and shows you could join or go to.
  • Search capability is not that refined compared to the other sites as its integrated on a side bar which may get a bit frustrating when scrolling the page up and down looking for new searches.
  • Unique “auction” page. You can place bids on the works and an actual online timer.
  • Checked out their artist page and there are hundreds there, which I think could even reach a thousand.

  • Site presents the best selling artists and featured artists and their works as soon as you open it.
  • Search option is alright, but it does not segregate the medium used by the artist which may get a little confusing.
  • Products sold are either paintings or photographs (from what I can see).
  • Tried their advanced search option and its just like the search from the home page.
  • What’s unique here is you can buy art as a gift or give art vouchers to other people.
  • Has a “special offer” page which is basically where a “sale” is happening.

  • Site makes it easy for you to locate what you like as when you hover your mouse it will automatically display the choices.
  • Home page displays favorites, new art, top artists and art of the week.
  • Site is fairly easy to navigate and there isn’t a lot of “extras” that would make it more complicated.
  • I believe they are true to their statement of “browse, receive, hang” (when buying art from their site) – “art delivered to your doorstep”.
  • Search option is similar to the other sites but you’d need to click it to expand which is a plus as it makes the site clean and organized.
  • Price ranges here are from $300 – $1000+.
  • Works displayed via search will have tags like “curator pick & new” which is good as customers would know what they’re buying.
  • Artist search is also good as it not only displays the artist but also his her works in a “row” format.
  • Site also has a commissioned paintings section.

Do you find it hard to market your paintings? Are you technologically challenged? Have you ever wondered why other artists are selling their artworks like wildfire   yet your having a lot of trouble to even get 1 sale?

Artists may find it hard to market their works nowadays due to the day to day technological advancements being released to the public. Artists, some if not most, find it difficult to understand the various mediums used in marketing art through social media, online groups, online galleries and the likes. However, there are some artists who knows how to utilize these methods to their advantage to be able to sell their works.

I am here to help you get a gist of these channels in which you can take your art to a whole new level. I will not be able to tackle the whole aspect of each method as that would take up a lot of your time and I would rather talk about the key points you’d need to know of each. I hope this post would be helpful to you as it is for those who have taken our online & DVD classes.

Marketing Your Art Online:

Marketing your art online would primarily require an adequate dose of understanding of basic computer knowledge and skill in using a variety of sites in the Internet. Here are some of the sites you could utilize in marketing your art:

  • Spreesy – This site helps you market your art by offering online e-commerce storefronts and a one-stop shopping for Facebook and Instagram clients. This is the easiest way to sell your products to customers via social media that offers comfort and ease in posting your products online. However, this also has its own set of cons in which prevents you from placing your product photos where you want them exactly to be placed and there is no customer service number. Nonetheless, Spreesy has had great customer reviews and has helped thousands of other artists and its customers.
  • Ebay – A variety of things are being sold on Ebay, also similar to Amazon and Craigslist. This is also refered to as the world’s largest auction site where you can reach millions of potential buyers and increase your sales and build your own army of customers based on the reviews they give you and your services. A lot of artists have used this site and have had success. It is important to take note of the fees that have been set in place in this site.
  • Artfire – People from all over visit this marketsite to buy & sell as well as talk with other artists. Think of this as a place where you can set up your own online store. Their service is FREE of charge and they allow you to have 10 item listings and automatically uploads your product listings to Google search! This takes out a lot of time off your hands compared to its counterpart ( Their customer service is TOP NOTCH and has a forum for support with its administrators monitoring constantly.
  • Artsy – An online gallery site who’s mission is to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. This site connects people all over the world to art! This site has partnered with leading galleries and institutions to help you reach your target audience in a short span of time! Being accessible on any device in this era this site has taken the artworld by storm and is loved by many! They also have “specialists” in their site who would come to your aid when needed answering questions & inquiries you have in mind. Also, Artsy takes no commission from the sale of your artworks.
  • Etsy – A well-known artist site and has a huge amount of traffic which could lead to potential customers. This site only charges a low amount of 20 cents per listing and a 3.5% transaction fee. However, it is important to take note that their category search is time based so it shows the newest listings first and would charge you 20 cents to renew and get seen again. It might be a little difficult to obtain customer help as there is no toll free number listed.
  • ArtPal – An online gallery site you could utilize to sell your works and buy others at the same time. This site is completely free of charge. This site also has their FREE print-on-demand service. Currently, there have been reports of artists not being able to sell anything using this site which has already accumulate some threads in the Internet. The people who used this site and posted their art has had tons of hits / views but have reported no sale as of yet. It is important to take note that this does not justify the entire community itself and there is bound to be those who have had success using this site.
  • Artplode – A gallery, dealer, artist and collector site which charges a one off fixed fee of $60 per artwork for advertising and works must be priced $1000+ to be offered for sale on this site. There is absolutely no commission charged to buyers or sellers which communicates directly amongst each other. This site has bridged the gap between the art market and art collectors all over the world! Artplode is loved by artists, art collectors and galleries alike!
  • Imagekind – Online marketplace to sell their art with print-on-demand, high-quality printing and framing options. It is in its own way a “hybrid” type of gallery which has a fast customer support team and an even faster product delivery timeframe worldwide! A lot of artists have used Imagekind to get their art out into the world but there were some huge changes made to it recently which resulted to some negative feedbacks from its users.
  • Art Rising – A place for independent and emerging artists. A lot of ways to connect with other artists and people who collect / buy art. However, it may be a tad bit tedious to get started up and there have been some issues as with regards to the print-on-demand commissions artists get from their works with the ratio being at 70% for the site and you get to keep 30% royalties. These rates may have already changed. Nonetheless, once you have everything in place and accept their terms & agreement you can just wait and cash in the checks coming your way!

Top Social Media Platforms To Market Your Art:

  • Facebook Pages – Facebook is in its prime and considered to be in a league of its own! Artists from all over the world uses this by creating their own customized Facebook page. Their pages feature their works and is used as a medium to both advertise and sell their paintings. Regularly interacting with people who visit your page would reap great rewards as this would increase its following, the number of people who have subscribed to receive updates from you. Furthermore, Facebook has been tweaking out the capabilities of Facebook pages and each day their impact on advertising and capabilities of selling your products / works are multiplying tenfold! Nowadays, all companies may they be small or large won’t be complete without their own Facebook pages. It’d be beneficial for you to have someone help you out in managing your Facebook pages. It is crucial to be able to put something new on a regular interval on your pages so as to keep the public / your viewers interested! Come up with various contents, interact through comments, share your insights, update them on what your currently doing or projects that your working on, share inspirational quotes, share interesting articles and the likes. Each time you update your Facebook page would either generate a negative or positive response with your viewers so be careful with what your posting.
  • YouTube – Artists have used YouTube to display their art online through their own personal YouTube channel. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006. This site boasts its traffic from billions of people worldwide and artists have had a lot of success in marketing their works through this site! It’s also fairly easy to use as all you’d need is a video camera and yourself talking about your works of art and then posting it online! Knowledge on basic SEO (social media optimization) would also help you out greatly in reaching customers all over the globe!
  • Twitter – Twitter is well-known nowadays and is commonly mentioned in movies and even by people you encounter in your daily activities. Twitter has its own set of traffic which comprises of billions and billions of people worldwide. Though you can’t post images here you could send constant updates and links of your works to the people connected to you. Twitter has helped a lot of artists take their marketing to a whole new level. All you’d need to do is tweet and paint!
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is just PERFECT for artists as it is basically an image sharing site! People from all over the world visit this site to view works of art of different categories and mediums! It is easy to create a following on Pinterest as you “re-pin” other images you see! You can also opt to work with other artists using this site thereby directing art collectors to the works that they fancy. Artists have had good returns using this site and have had no complaints using it too due to its user-friendly interface!

Other Ways To Market Your Art Online:

  • Amplifying Your Art – There are a multitude of ways to market your art online and learning how to further amplify the beauty and magnificence of the final output of your paintings would seal the deal between you and your buyers. It’s best to first understand what it is that makes a painting standout by learning the 7 common mistakes that an artist makes, how to take a proper photograph of your paintings and learn how to know if your painting is done and finished through the videos listed below:

  • Learning Through Videos – Keeping an open mind is essential for growth and development. One cannot learn and improve if his / her cup is already full. Accepting criticisms in a constructive manner and molding it to something you could use would be of benefit for you as an artist. Here are some of the videos you could see online on different ways to market your art and how artists give constructive critiques to other


  • Going To Classes – There are a variety of online programs that could help an artist learn how to market their art online. These programs aim to enhance the artist’s knowledge of social media and Google’s algorithims as well as lessons on how viewers tend to react when faced with your products online. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of online marketing and learn to use the various programs available to you for your own marketing purposes. Here is one the online classes that you could benefit from for you to take your art

Weekly Painting Class

Marketing to a Whole New Level:

  • Team Up With Other Artists – Together we stand divided we fall, a saying that hold true to most cases in our daily life. It is known that we can’t please everyone in the world with just our art as each of us has our own set of likes and dislikes. Why not make it easy for people to find your art by teaming up with other artists? It is much easier for people to find your art if your connected with other artists as their followers could also be your followers and your can also be theirs.  The daily painters is a group that does that. Give them a visit sometime.
  • Creating Email Newsletters – Why do people buy newspapers daily? Because they want to know what’s new today! This is the same as sending out newletters! Informing the people about what your working on, what you’ve finished, where you’ve posted it and other updates is crucial in building and gaining the trust of your followers. You could just put up a “subscription box” on a good place on your personal website and viola! You’ve created the gateway to be able to inform people on what’s new about you!
  • Creating A Blog – This can also serve as your personal website. It is crucial for artists to have a blog for them to have somewhat of an online “store” or an online “gallery” that you own which people can go to. You can post your paintings here, tell the public of your current updates and a lot more! This is also the place where you can put up that subscription box discussed just above!
  • Write Artwork Descriptions – Writing descriptions is a good way for allowing people to find you over the Internet. People don’t place in YOUR painting in the search bar and click search! They place in keywords like “still life painting, landscape painting, figure painting, sunflowers, horses, sea painting and the likes”. Having a good description that has emphasis on keywords will definitely give you an advantage in the world of online marketing. A quick note ; too much of something is bad and this holds true with keywords. Just stick to what it is you really have on your painting and that’d earn much more points in earning the trust of search engines.
  • General SEO Knowledge – SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and is essential to learn, even just its basics, if you’d want to market your art online. A simple description of this is how you organize and place in content / writing on your website so that search engines like Google will send you more viewers or visitors. Don’t stress yourself out with this as there are advancements in this aspect of marketing DAILY! So just learn its basics and keep posted with its latest news from time to time and you’d be alright.

These are only but some of the many ways in which artists utilize to sell their art online. New ways would be available from time to time and some will be better some not. Regardless of whatever method you use always remember to focus on what’s important and that’s to enjoy the painting process and paint happy! Eventually, what your looking for would always come. It’s just a matter of time before it happens!

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