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25 Ways for Marketing your Art

Art MarketingFor most artists, art marketing your paintings can be a challenging task. Master artist Daniel Edmondson imparts the easiest and common things you could do to sell paintings in a variety of ways! These are tested and proven methods that the master artist himself uses.

Daniel incorporates various marketing strategies compiled to assist you in marketing your paintings. Learn how to sell your paintings online but as well as sell your paintings directly to other people through Dan’s Painting Course which takes your art from intermediate to selling!


1.) GalleriesSelling Art

Every artist wants to get into a gallery, but thinks it’s difficult. However, there are multitudes of ways to get into galleries. The easiest way is to have an artist friend, who is already in the gallery, REFER you! This method also works with fellow artist whom you STUDIED WITH or an ARTIST TEACHER who taught you by informing the gallery owner of your connection with that person.

It is important to take note that gallery owners MAY KNOW LESS about art than you do. They know what they’ve SOLD IN THE PAST and this is where they base the paintings they feature.


How To Sell Art2.) Online Presence:

Utilize SOCIAL MEDIA websites in order to increase effectiveness in selling your paintings. There are a lot of social media sites you can use such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, BLOGGER, MYSPACE and a lot more!

YOUTUBE – The 2nd biggest search engine on the Internet.


3.) Mail Marketing List:Art Marketing

If you are new to marketing your art online, or having your art online, you most likely don’t have an email list. In the “Art Masters Program” master artist Daniel teaches you how to acquire and grow your e-mail marketing list and organize the content of the messages and newsletters you send out to your collectors.


Art Market4.) Basic Marketing:

The BIGGEST mistake most artists make is that they don’t have a budget for marketing. Artists need to figure out these 3 things:
• How much money he/she wants to make
• Determine a REALISTIC starting salary
• Determine framing costs.

Remember, It Costs Money To Run A Business

Set aside marketing budgets for these aspects as well: Website developing, Magazine Advertisements, Assistants and the overall business aspect of your art.


5.) Interior Designers:Art Marketing

The current split rate with interior designers is 40/60. Interior designers typically get 40% and you, the artist, gets 60%. This is a great way to SELL A LOT of paintings! An important note would be to GET A LIST of the people who previously purchased your works.


How To Sell Art6.) Magazines:

There are a lot of things you could do with magazines. Make use of magazine covers, magazine articles, and magazine advertisements. Magazine articles are basically subdivided into two (2) parts which are “Featured” articles and “Write Your Own” articles. The success rate in magazine advertising varies & is more COSTLY than other options. You should start with a HALF PAGE ad, but don’t go smaller than that because it’s difficult to stand out among the clutter. Landscape paintings seem to do particularly well with magazine advertising. This is a good way to introduce yourself to the art world and to get a larger following!


7.) Tent Shows:Sell Your Art

In tent shows you sell your art DIRECTLY to the PUBLIC yourself. It is important to take note that the prices of your paintings will sell for less compared to being sold at a gallery, but you get to keep all your earnings! Stay close to the gallery RETAIL PRICE, but you can offer DISCOUNTS to entice customers.


Sell Art8.) Art Festivals:

Practically the same as tent shows. An Art festival is also a great way to gain exposure and attract potential collectors for your works of art.



9.) Direct Mail Marketing:Art Marketing

You can get a list of contact information for recently purchased houses or people who recently moved in, call this marketing technique your “Welcome Wagon.” People who recently moved into a new house will have a lot of wall space, which in turn creates a lot of opportunity for you to market your paintings.


Art Marketing10.) Framers:

DO NOT OVERLOOK Framers. It is much EASIER to get into a frame shop than a gallery. Frame shops take a cut from your painting sale as well as sell the frame that they made in order to display your painting.


11.) Cultivating Existing Customers:Selling Art

This is VERY IMPORTANT. There are a lot of ways for you to stay in contact with your existing customers. In business it is much CHEAPER to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. In art collecting this is probably tenfold.


Art Marketing12.) Commissions:

Portrait commissions as well as commissions from paintings can be very profitable. When doing commissions, it is ALWAYS important to get HALF of your money up front. In doing portrait commissions DO NOT let them direct you too much, try to stay in charge of the transaction. It can be difficult to do commissions at first but, it can be very lucrative.


13.) Doctor’s Offices:Art Market

Doctor’s offices are great venues for your paintings. Offices can increase your exposure and sales since almost everyone goes to the doctor. You’ll get a ton of exposure from the large amounts of daily traffic as people flock to these offices on a daily basis for check-ups and treatments.


Art Market14.) Coffee Shops:

Coffee shops are a good starting place to sell your art if you haven’t tried selling much before. It’s a good way to get your art out into the public if your prices are below a thousand dollars or so.


15.) Studio Shows:Art Market

Are shows you host in your studio or in your home where you invite the public to see your work. It is important to HIRE SOMEONE to sell your paintings for you since you will most likely be busy entertaining guests and other people. But if you’re good at selling your art, you can sell it yourself.

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Art Market16.) Group Shows:

Group shows are like a gala shows. An artist, such as yourself, would group together artists renting a studio space and have a show all together. Group shows are beneficial because every artist would bring his/her own customers and contacts.


17.) Gala Shows:Art Market

Gala shows, on the other hand, are where guest artists are invited to the area and have a show. This is a great way to gain exposure and attract new potential collectors, with diverse art.


Art Market18.) Juried Shows:

Juried shows are shows that require artists to submit their works to try and get into the show based on judge’s recommendation. Juried shows are more competitive so it’s more difficult to make a large profit; however, there are many successful artists who do.


19.) Customer Swaps:Art Market

A customer swap is getting together with another artist where you swap email and contact lists. Doing this would DOUBLE your customer e-mail list and bring in new clientele. This costs NOTHING to either of you, and is effective in accumulating new prospects to collect your works of art.


20.) Talking About Art:

Being able to talk about your art to a prospective buyer is one of the most important and, for many people, one of the most difficult aspects of painting and sales. Try creating a list a topics for you to have on hand before shows, events, and in general. A few great topics are: your physical painting process, painting philosophies, or what made you want to be an artist.


21.) Online Galleries:

You definitely want to check out online galleries in order to help establish and increase your web presence! An example of an online gallery is “Daily Painters,” where master artist Daniel Edmondson sold a lot of his paintings. There is a massive amount of online galleries online, and even if you can’t find one that suits your needs, then you could create one yourself.


22.) Positioning Yourself As An Authority:

Establish a “REVIEW SITE” in which you write reviews of different artists and have a review written about yourself as well. After acquiring reviews post them to other social media sites to gain web presence, credibility and exposure. You could also email your reviews to your existing customer e-mail list gaining EVEN MORE EXPOSURE!


23.) Networking:

Networking for artists is getting more exposure by hanging out at various art functions and events where there are a lot of other artists and collectors present. A useful tip would be to try to help promote other artists and eventually other artists would help promote you or your work in return!


24.) Home Shows:

Home shows are where you get someone to have a show in their home for you, where they invite all their friends. This is a powerful method to sell your works to other people. Just remember to give a commission, a fee, or a painting to the house owner in exchange for the help.


25.) Word Of Mouth:

Throughout time word of mouth has been an effective method for passing down information from generation to generation. Do not overlook the word of mouth because people will be more likely to trust information given from a close friend or a family member, than a complete stranger. Advertising via word of mouth is effective because word travels quickly and as soon as you’d know it you might just be the next big artist.




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Referral From
Referral From
Money I Want To
Realistic Starting
Framing Cost
Website Developing
Magazine Ads
INTERIOR DESIGNERS Discussed Split Ratio
MAGAZINES Magazine Covers
Magazine Articles
Magazine Ads
TENT SHOWS & ART FESTS Search Gallery Retail Price
FRAMERS Pick A Frame Shop
Ways To Cultivate
COMMISSIONS Portrait Commissions
Painting Commissions
GROUP / GALA / JURIED SHOWS List of Shows To Attend
CUSTOMER SWAPS Partner Artist To Swap List
ONLINE GALLERIES List Of Galleries To Join
HOME SHOWS Where To Hold
WORD OF MOUTH Family / Relatives / Friends


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